Dhivorced, behheaded, died, divhorced, beheadhed survived

Hi there, welcome back for your weekly dose of somewhat capable solving. This week is “Hexes” by Stick Insect which appears to be a new setter or a new pseudonym, so hi if you’re checking in, Stick Insect.  We have a long thin grid and no symmetry.  The preamble says that the wordplay either contains an extra letter or lacks a letter, so it looks like a grid of real words and the definitions are normal. So sounds like we should be looking at definitions to get a start.

There was an initial fail on the 1 across test, similarly the 7 across test – I didn’t really get started until 12 across, with the initial letters CAECHU making CATECHU without the T so first missing letter is found.  It was an interesting grid fill, often I get sections of the grid filled out one at a time, but this time it was really scattered answers, a few at a time coming, and all over the grid.  I found the longer answers easier to get at – TEA WAGONS, SOCRATISE, BARONETESS…

I saw the theme when putting SEY above MOURN.  I’d been watching the show “The Tudors” so seeing SEYMOUR, and a little past it HOWARD, so the set were H’s EXES (a rare case of me getting the title of a Listener before finishing). That helped me get VEST as my last entry. The rest of the names are arranged in the shape of a VIII, with some H’s added (I guess because Henry interrupted them, except for Jane Seymour, who died before he could divorce her or chop her head off).

So this was a slow start but a fast finish. I’m still not sure on 12 down, whether it is CASTOCK or CUSTOCK – I’m pretty sure there needs to be an A in the wordplay so I’ve gone for CASTOCK.

My grid for Listener crossword 4080: Hexes by Stick Insect

That was a fun challenge, Stick Insect, but I’m going to call this a victory for George!  2010 tally:  George 12, Listener 2.  Current streak:  George 3.

Here’s the Horrible Histories version of the rhyme I used as a title.

Feel free to leave comments below, and see you next week to see if I’ve been double-crossed by Radix.


7 Responses

  1. Hmmm. This is one of those cases where you might get penalised for the not-so-precise entry in the box under the grid. Do you submit entries? If so you MIGHT get penalised for not just entering PARR, although Katherine Parr is clearly right (is it K or C?)
    Interesting to know what John Green thinks.

  2. I am not a regular submitter – for me to make it in by the entry deadline I would have to complete it within a few days and this was one that I didn’t really get to look at until after “my” deadline had passed. The webpage I was looking at for the full names (can’t recall it right now) said Katharine.
    It does say “In the same version”, which would make it funny if the intended one was HENRY interrupted by a P – HENPRY.

  3. A welcome relief after struggling with so many puzzles recently. Nice puzzle.

  4. Hello Mr Bastard.

    I guess this was an easier Listener, being pretty much my first. I put Katherine Parr for final member.

    however I liked the highlight in the grid.

  5. Hi Jake,

    Welcome to the occasional commenters board, and congrats on breaking the Listener Cherry – hope there’s many more successes to come!

  6. […] up by Stick Insect.  We’ve only met Stick Insect once before with a Henry the Eighth grid in Hexes, which I got out OK, so I was feeling good about this […]

  7. […] Demon hiding in Lawbreaker, one of my favorite puzzles of the year  and before that Hexes with the Henry VIII theme.  Stick Insect left me a message then, so I may still have one reader […]

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