The Flagmentation of Learity by Ravatch, or a Listener in which the wordplay doesn’t match up with the lips of the definition.

Still reading? You must be a loyal follower.  I finally put my poor effort from last week up.  What passes for reality is nearly resumed, but it’s been an upsy downsy world here at George vs the Listener Crossword.  So here comes old favorite Lavatch.  Lavatch has been here twice before, with “Key: Cutting” (wonder if Miles is still around?) that was a huge amount of work, but I got out, knowing nothing of the poem involved, and then “Beat It!” last year where I thought I had gotten everything together and then made a rather silly mistake near the end.  So we’re even so far, Lavatch – who will win the battle?

The Fragmentation of reality, where one has to choose between 34829345794578934758943 grids (I’ll take your word for it, Lavatch).  Each of the issues resolves itself into a theme.  Interesting… set D are normal, so let’s start there.

This makes it the 13-across test, which is a straight-up anagram of LISTENER,I’D without that EN in the middle for REDISTIL, and we’re away.  I found the top half of this much easier than the bottom half, and eventually felt brave enough to tackle groups A, B and C.  This was a pretty nifty contraption – once I spotted NEAREST and DEAREST in Group B I cottoned on to what was going on.  Started circling the points where the clashes and options would go and mixed together the missing letters in Group C.

It’s a pity I didn’t make copies of my grid as I went along, because at one point it looked rather funny, with middles of words poking out (such as ASH in 35 down without having any of 37, 39, or 41 across.

I had enough of the group A clashes to have a stab at the name, and saw the K, W and X or R and an 8-letter name, and KUROSAWA came to mind (especially with SAMURAI being one of the options for 1 across or 7 down).  A visit to IMDB, and it looks like it’s the 100th anniversary of the birth of the director of whom I have seen only one film, and it’s staring at me from those circles starting at 21 – RASHOMON!  Aaaah… so the SAMURAI do go at 7.  That’s a nice touch, and the character to be circled isn’t part of the answer at all, it’s the number 7.  The letters from KUROSAWA go in the group A answers.

RASHOMON had the WIFE (there she is at 17), a WOODCUTTER (creeping down from 16), we’ve already got a SAMURAI and even though I have no clue as to what the answer to 27 down is, that B from BULL adds to the ANDIT from whatever it was to get complete the set.

This seems to happen to me – I get the thematic stuff, and there’s still more work.  In this case it is self-inflicted – I had put in AFFIERE for 32 across which was stopping me getting 19 and 23 down.  ONAGERS and SHLEPPER (a word I first encountered in Thomas Pynchon’s “V”) seals the deal that this should have been AFFEARE.  There’s still one I don’t quite understand, and I’ll be pissed to find that 37 is something other than DRAPE.  But after two failures, we’ve got a grid and a full satifsaction of the theme, woohoo!

My grid for Listener Crossword 4078: The Fragmentation of Reality by Lavatch

This was a sweet little crossword.  I noticed that poor old Kuro’s popularity fell 91% this week on IMDB, maybe he’ll pick up a little when the solution to this gets published.  I bet Lavatch had fun putting this grid together, that’s not only a nice piece of construction, but a cool use of the theme.

Victory to George!  Back in the driver’s seat, woohoo!

2010 tally:  George 10, Listener 2.  Current streak:  George 1.

I’m excited about next week, George Clinton and Parliment/Funkadelic are coming to Asheville, so it’s time to get the funk!

Once recovered from funking my brains out, I’ll see you next week with a stab at Sine Qua Non by Shackleton.  Feel free to leave comments below.

Oh, and if I sent you spam email, I’m sorry – some prick in Portugal figured out my password and decided that I needed to tell everyone to buy viagara.  Don’t buy viagara unless absolutely necessary.


3 Responses

  1. I liked this but then couldn’t decide whether ringing the character that had extra significance meant ringing the number 7 or ringing the whole word “samurai”. I ended up going with the latter on the basis that it referred to two films, and that the samurai was one of the “character”.

    Shame to lose an “all clear year” that way…

  2. […] time!  And time is what I associate Lavatch with – We had “The Fragmentation of Reality” last year with the Kurosawa theme that had me lost for a while, before that “Beat […]

  3. […] (one of those is easier to say so I guess that’s why it stuck).  Before that, The Fragmentation of Reality put some Kurosawa into our lives, Beat It!  with the Gunter Grass theme that I messed up  and […]

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