Failed entry

Maybe the Listener is best left for those with very settled lives.  Look for the next few weeks to to be very dicey, as I’ve been travelling, ending what may or may not have been a relationship, and working both days and nights for the last three weeks.  All this is killing my usual crossword time, and I haven’t tried the Mephisto or Azed for the last few weeks, skipped the dailies except the Times (dammit, I pay for that one!), and spent very little time on the Listener.

Which is a pity, because I printed Forced Entry on the day my demise started, and brought Bradfords with me on a trip to Chapel Hill and managed to spend a little bit of quality hotel room time getting out almost all of the right hand side.  I thought I was in for my first victory against Mr. Lemon (I’ll do the American thing and put a dot at the end of every shortening, unless that first name is pronounced “merrr”), having come close and failed on “Unusual” and gotten close to the theme and not grasped it on “Tobacco”.

There’s no real excuse here except an inability to solve clues on left hand sides of crosswords – it is all spelled out in the preamble.  Find the clashes, solve them, real words.  Neat trick, and I think if I’d gotten the dog at 3 down and the measurement at 23 across I might have finished the rest.  I think (or hope) that 13 is ORTON, and 11 down is ADORN so the clash would have to be fixed there, but I really wanted 3 down to justify it.  I think 22 is some form of TRIES, but can’t see the wordplay, and that dog and measurement would have taken care of that for me too.

I haven’t scanned the grid yet, I’ll add that later, but this one is a victory to Mr. Lemon.  Someday I’ll make a note of the regular setters that I just can’t get past – Mr. Lemon can join Phi, Mango, and anyone else I’m missing and we’ll see who is the last to keep beating me.

Here’s where I got to…

My grid for Listener Crossword 4077:  Forced Entry, by Mr. Lemon

2010 tally:  Listener 2, George 9.  Current streak:  Listener 2.

Well if there was a bright spot in the week it was seeing that Australia clobbered New Zealand.  And seeing Chris Martin in action for maybe the last time means it’s time to dredge this gem up again.

Feel free to leave comments, and see you next week to see how Lavatch fragments reality.


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  1. […] mode, methinks, because I have struck out majorly on the last three Mr. Lemon Listeners – Forced Entry with all those adding and subtracting of letters, replacing S and N with T in Tobacco, and gotten […]

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