Anemia, ashtanga and a right mess

Yesterday I was traveling back from San Francisco (hi SF) so this is a day late.  I hadn’t written it all before I left so I couldn’t fail on the scheduler as well.

Elint is a new setter!  Unchartered territory.  Interesting preamble, eight across entries suffer from 25 (though helpfully its easy to see which 8 because they have entry lengths shorter than the number after the clue, so there’s something to be removed most likely).  There’s some extra words in down clues and the first letters lead to definitions of the new entries and some names.

My first solving session of this was over a rather dry lunch and it went pretty well.  The first of the across answers I got, CLIMBABLE for 16 across kind of stuck out as a possibility to remove LIMB to get CABLE.  TARMACKING for 12 could lose ARM to get TACKING so it seems like we’re going to lose some limbs – maybe to ANEMIA at 25 across.

I made pretty good progress in that first session, found a few limbs that could be removed and a pretty healthy grid.

Grid at the end of the first solve

I even thought the eight letter word was going to be on that main diagonal and looked up ASHTANGA as an eight-limbed thingy, so that confirmed the theme.

Sounds like the rest is a breeze, right?  Well most of it was, except that top right hand corner.  I can’t get 1 across to work with 4 down and 11 across.  I might be wrong in 1 across, not getting the wordplay but seeing SPOTTED GUM in Bradfords.  Maybe there’s a better answer.  But I can’t work out what on earth is going on in the other two clues.  The names in the down answers are eluding me as well, there just doesn’t look like enough vowels.

So in the end I’ve put some guesses in there, but I doubt I’m right.  I have all the thematic material except the names, but I do not have a proper grid.  Bugger… all good things must come to an end and it’s my start to the year.  Let’s make up some guesses, just in case.

Congratulations Elint, you take the first win for the year – victory to the Listener crossword!

2010 tally:  Listener 1, George 9.  Current streak:  Listener 1.

Next week things should be returned to semi-normal, so look for the post around the time the new Listener hits the internets.  Feel free to comment, and see you next week to see if I can force some entry out of Mr Lemon.


2 Responses

  1. Oh boy, I made a mess out of this one royally! Didn’t think of AMELIA and should have seen EARHART from the extra words. Hang head in shame.

  2. You were so close as well! I have an idea that 1 across was Scotch Pines, with PIN to be removed leaving scotches behind.
    I didn’t get the limb connection until the second of the modified clues, but AMELIA came a lot quicker once I knew that, so EARHART and BLOOMER leapt out then.

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