NOTE:  I set this to automatically post and I now know I have no skill in being able to set to automatically post.  Sorry it’s late.

Numerical puzzle time, first one for 2010!  And a weird one for me, I’m going to set the auto-post thing, because at the time I’m usually here writing and publishing this little blog, I’m going to be on a plane heading to the sunny (I hope) Left coast of the US.

Arden is a new setter to me, there’s been two previous numerical Arden Listeners, but I haven’t tried either of them.  I was instantly taken with the grid – it looked like those occasional Azed puzzles where you can start one side or the other, and need to get some impossible entry to put them together.  And this is how it worked out for me, I started four grids, as the letters eventually came into view, then I tried to knit the grid together. Here’s how it looked after a first solve.

first grid for Listener 4075: Square Bashing by Arden

This was a really intriguing solve, and I was amazed at the point where I was left with just F and H to decipher.  There were two options for 1 across that worked with the possible values of F and H! I hope that Arden wrote this whole crossword based on finding that both 125764564698 and 564689125764 were perfect squares.  How crazy is that?

I guessed wrong the first time, and was trying to make sense out of words like HEL and GRIFT, then saw that H and F could be interchanged to give LEFT and RIGHT.  That’s a pretty stunning ending, Arden.

I don’t mean to short-change you Arden, this was a lot of fun and a slog, but a steady slog… I’ll confess to spending some time in meetings trying to find squares that fit.  Also a nice touch to have 4 be one of the last numbers you could possibly get.  It was annoying the hell out of me that I couldn’t see where the 4 fit in.

So Victory to George!  And the amazing start to the year continues.  2010 tally:  George 9, Listener 0.  Current streak, Listener 9.

Feel free to leave comments, and see you next week when we go into Labour with Elint.


4 Responses

  1. Hmm, don’t you mean “Current Streak: George 9”?
    “Current Streak, Listener 9” would be for me, although I’ve only attempted a couple this year due to lack of time.

  2. I’m closer to Andy’s run too! I haven’t had much time due to work recently, so I gave this one a miss. A numerical puzzle needs to catch my eye these days for me to give it a go.

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