Does GalileI/GalileO correspond to GalileON and GalileOFF?

So WordPress does funny things, like tell me that already 40 people have visited the site.  Normally I post in a break I have between 10-11 am (U.S. Eastern Time) which is right before the solution goes online.  But lately things have been getting more and more hectic and I haven’t been able to get on and finish the post in time.  I’m trying to write these as I go along, but it hasn’t been all that successful.  But if you’re looking for success, polished writing and timeliness you’d go somewhere else, right?  This is George vs the Listener!

Five Dots by Franc… there have been two Franc Listeners covered in my battles so far, on “Lots to Find” I kind of twigged the theme, but didn’t get all the entries on, but on “Three Rings” was a really fun circular crossword with a circus and leotard theme.

I’ll warn you before you scroll down – I use recycled paper for printing and occasionally we hit a weird colour.  This one is bright yellow.  Put your sunglasses on.  No gridlines, but at least there’s starting points for answers.  First and last letters spell out one hell of a long quotation for a Listener Crossword.  This could be the longest yet!

For a change, there is a 1 across and it is solveable – SNAFU with extra word ICE-SHOW.  My first session solving this was relatively comfortable – another snowed-in session but with Chambers, Bradfords and the interweebs at the ready.  The top half of the grid appeared to be extremely gentle, and after a few snow-filled hours I’d gotten the following

– the phrase I DO NOT FEEL OBLIGED TO BELIEVE THAT THE SAME GOD WHO HAS ENDOWED US WITH SENSE, REASON, AND INTELLECT HAS INTENDED US TO FORGO THEIR USE.  Found by googlying “OBLIGED INTELLECT SENSE”.  Nifty find early on, takes care of all those extra words and confirms a GALILEO theme (and there is GALILE starting at 29 – so presumably the fifth dot was the O).

– The dots cover more than one letter – (OPA)CITY confirmed that.  Here’s my grid #1

working grid for Listener 4071:  Five Dots by Franc

OK, the grid is full enough that it’s pretty obvious all I’m missing is a few words and dots.  I started googling Galileo and dots like crazy and found some stuff about moon pictures and Galileo.  But couldn’t get the meaning of those damn dots forever.

The penny dropped in investigating the bottom left corner, looked like for sure 39 down intersecting with 42 across would have to be a dot.  S(CALL)OP with –URY…  hey… CALLIOPE is a moon!  So maybe those two parts of the dots make up moons.  OPA… EUR-OPA. So 39 down should have ISTO – BISTOURY is a knife.  And we’ve got Galileo’s drawings of the moons of Jupiter, and it’s not just the O from GALILEO, it’s a clash of GALILEO GALILEI to get IO, the last moon. Do you think he got teased a lot as a child by having two names so close to each other, and that’s why he grew moribund and locked himself up in his observatory for days on end?

The last bit in then was the dot in the top left crossing TSI(GANY) with SO(MEDE)LE.  And my scan isn’t in my email, so you can’t see my beautiful yellow finished grid, but it’ll be up here later.

The entities are IO, GANYMEDE, CALLISTO, EUROPA and JUPITER itself which I couldn’t fit into the space.  I wrote JUPITER AND IT’S MOONS below which would have fit, but I’m sure the picture is obtained.

That was another really fun grid from Franc and a chance to learn something.  And a victory to George!  This year is still off to a rip-roaring start.

2010 tally:  George 5, Listener 0.  Current streak:  George 5.

I’m stuck for inspiration this week so I put Jupiter into youtube and came up with this little Japanese number

Feel free to leave comments below, and see you next week for Ten-Four’s word isolation.


5 Responses

  1. Hello George,

    Off topic but Asheville NC got a mention on BBC Radio 4 this week and I thought of you.  I won’t need to tell you that Asheville hosts a Minerals Research Laboratory and that just up the Blue Ridge Parkway in Mitchell County stands Spruce Pine the source of 90-95% of the World’s output of highest grade quartz, used to make crucibles that are essential to the manufacture of silicon chips.  Here is the link to Chips With Everything that will be available to listen to until next Tuesday (23rd).

  2. The Minerals Research Laboratory is right around the corner from the bar where I finished Playtime by Samuel last year. (
    I wasn’t sure if they were doing anything in there since I never see people coming in or going, though I’m not around that part of town during non-drinking hours.

  3. With hindsight I don’t know why I struggled with that one. Funny how one man’s gentle is another man’s mystery as I didn’t complete enough of the top half to get going really. I think I am getting worse with age rather than better with practice!

  4. No idea if anyone is reading this late, but it’s funny – the scanner doesn’t seem to have picked up the highlighting. I highligted in green which is a brilliant colour choice when the thing was printed on yellow paper.

  5. […] Franc.  Franc has been missing a while – early in 2010 there was the incredibly fun Five Dots (Galileo and the moons) a circular one with a circus theme with Three Rings, both of which I […]

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